Candle Care

At Meet Haus Home Goods, we believe in enhancing your living spaces with our aromatic Meet Haus Candles that breathe life, love, and inspiration into your surroundings. To ensure you experience the highest quality of ambiance, we've designed, please adhere to our curated candle care recommendations below.

  1. When igniting your candle for the first time, allow the wax to liquefy evenly across the surface to the vessel's edges - a process that may take 2 to 4 hours. This essential step ensures an even burn and prevents the formation of tunnels, thus extending the life of your Meet Haus Candle.
  2. Keep your wick trimmed to a quarter of an inch before each lighting. This simple practice promotes an evenly distributed flame and minimizes the build-up of soot or mushrooming of the wick. A well-maintained wick ensures your candle burns beautifully every time.
  3. We advise you not to burn your Meet Haus Candle for more than 4 consecutive hours. This helps maintain the fragrance intensity over time, preserving the unique aromatic notes of our carefully crafted candles.
  4. Post-burn wick maintenance is crucial for an optimum burning experience. We recommend trimming the wick to about 1/4th to 1/8th of an inch after each burn. Consider investing in a quality pair of wick trimmers for clean and efficient wick trimming.
  5. In the rare instance of soot formation inside the vessel, extinguish the candle, allow it to cool, and wipe the interior with a clean, damp cloth. Once cleaned, trim the wick and relight your candle for continued enjoyment.
  6. Ensure your wax pool remains free from any debris - including wick trimmings and matches - at all times.
  7. To extinguish your candle, use a snuffer or gently dip the wick into the melted wax, then straighten it to prevent smoking or the potential splattering of hot wax. We discourage blowing out candles as they can cause smoke or splatter.
  8. If your candle begins to smoke, flicker excessively, or the flame height becomes uncontrollable, these are signs that the candle isn't burning correctly. In such cases, extinguish the candle, let it cool, trim the wick, and check for drafts before re-lighting.
  9. To enjoy the maximum impact of our fragrances, burn your Meet Haus Candle in your desired space for 30 minutes with the door closed. Be mindful that open windows and doors can disperse the scent.
  10. We recommend storing your candles in a cool, dark, and dry location, away from direct sunlight or harsh indoor lighting.
  11. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your candle, remove any dust or fingerprints by gently rubbing the surface with a piece of nylon or a soft cloth. The cloth can be either dry or slightly damp with water.
  12. Lastly, for safety reasons and to prolong the life of your candle, never burn your candle down completely. Always leave at least a half-inch of non-molten wax at the bottom.

Finally, always ensure to burn your Meet Haus Candle within sight. We believe in the joyful experience that a beautifully burning candle can bring, and safety is an integral part of this process.