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From Man Caves to Open Spaces: How Candles Enhance Every Man’s Living Area

In the 90s, the image of a "man cave" often brought to mind a dimly lit room, its walls adorned with neon beer signs and sports memorabilia, and perhaps a kegerator tucked in one corner. Fast forward to the present, and that notion has evolved dramatically. The contemporary man is looking beyond the traditional. Instead of the isolated dens of yesteryears, modern men create spaces that reflect their personalities and multifaceted lives. As noted by Conrad Black, these are "spaces for themselves that complement their lifestyles," whether sleek and sporty, rustic and relaxed, or anything in between. They've transformed from mere hangout spots to sanctuaries of respite, a place to unwind and escape everyday frustrations. It's not just about physical space; as Mr. Black poignantly stated, “A man cave is about a state of mind or, rather, changing a state of mind.” In this journey of evolution, the modern man seeks more than just visual aesthetics; he craves a holistic sensory experience. Enter the aromatic allure of candles, effortlessly elevating these spaces, proving that today's man embraces both versatility and sensory richness in his domain.

The Psychology of Scent and Masculinity:  

The intricate relationship between scent and our psyche, especially in men, has long been a subject of intrigue. We encounter a symphony of aromas daily, from the morning's first coffee to the evening's fresh linen. But fragrances hold a more profound, transformative power beyond these simple pleasures. As Kandhasamy Sowndhararajan and Songmun Kim noted in their study, our sense of smell profoundly impacts our mood, stress levels, and overall capacity to work. This isn't just about evoking memories or eliciting emotions; scents have a direct physiological connection to our brain. Thanks to the unique ability of fragrance compounds to cross the blood-brain barrier, they can interact directly with receptors in our central nervous system. This interaction results in fragrances' intrinsic ability to modulate our psychological and physiological states.

Furthermore, specific scents carry specific powers. For instance, musk, often associated with masculinity, has been linked to elevating confidence. On the other hand, cedarwood is known for its calming properties, ideal for a tranquil evening. Sowndhararajan and Kim's study further adds layers to this understanding. Their research found that combining soft music with inhaling bergamot essential oil enhances the brain's relaxation state. Similarly, breathing in the aroma of lavender oil made subjects feel more active, fresher, and considerably more relaxed. It's clear that the scents we surround ourselves with, whether intentional or not, play a pivotal role in defining our daily experiences and our very essence of masculinity.

Candles in the Traditional Man Cave:  

Let's rewind to the classic man cave setting – sumptuous leather couches, dark wooden shelves housing a collection of aged whiskeys, and the muted glow of ambient lighting. Now, infuse this sanctuary with the scent of Meet Haus's Violet Soy Candle. Aromatic herbs and essential oils enrich the room with each light, a true blend of luxury scents. Initial citrus, geranium, and cardamom notes gently lead to a heart of violet, raspberry, and elemi. The base resonates with the deep, earthy scent of saffron, leather, and sandalwood, reminiscent of grand Mainline houses' fine furniture and wood paneling. This candle seamlessly unites the air of a modern man cave with the timeless charm of aristocratic houses. Jason, a devoted Meet Haus customer, once shared after introducing the Violet candle to his space, "It's like I've added an aura I didn't know I needed.

Modern Open Concept Living Spaces:  

In today's architectural landscape, the allure of open floor plans reigns supreme. Spaces are accentuated by high ceilings and dictated by minimalist designs, emphasizing fluidity and expansiveness. Yet, as visually appealing as these open areas may be, they can occasionally feel impersonal or monotonous. This is where the transformative power of candles comes into play. Beyond just being light sources, candles introduce warmth, breaking the vastness and creating distinguished sensory zones. They tantalize multiple senses – offering a visual delight, evoking memories through scent, and encouraging tactile interactions. As renowned interior designer Perla Irish noted, “Candles can be a great way to break the monotony, introduce warmth, and create sensory zones in interior design. Scented, handmade artisanal candles not only captivate one's sight but also significantly enhance the ambiance of your home.” (Irish) This perspective underscores the importance of incorporating candles, especially in modern, male-centric spaces.

Creating Personalized Spaces with Candles:  

In the hustle and flow of modern life, having a personalized space for reflection and relaxation is paramount. Our surroundings play a pivotal role in shaping our mental well-being, and the scents we introduce into these spaces can significantly influence our mood, energy, and overall ambiance. Selecting the right candle scent isn't just about preference; it's an extension of one's personality, daily activities, and the moods one wishes to evoke. Meet Haus recognizes this intricate relationship between man and ambiance, offering various candles tailored to every individual's unique preferences.

For the adventurous soul, the Violet Soy Candle beckons. It's a harmonious blend of aromatic herbs and essential oils, where the exoticism of saffron, leather, and sandalwood narrates tales of distant adventures. On the other end of the spectrum, the Bouquet Soy Candle is perfect for the modern man who finds solace in simplicity. With every breath, one is drawn to spring's embrace, with lilac and jasmine notes merging with the modernity of sugared peach and vetiver. Finally, the Forest Soy Candle offers a journey for those who seek an escape to nature without leaving their living room. The cooling sensations of green leaves and eucalyptus transport you to shaded forest trails anchored firmly by the earthy allure of moss and balsam. With Meet Haus's extensive range, every man can curate his sanctuary, one candle at a time.

The Practical Advantages of Candles in Men's Living Spaces:  

Candles, often overlooked, bring a host of practical advantages to men's living spaces. Foremost among these is the ambient lighting they offer. This soft glow is particularly inviting for late-night reading sessions, providing adequate illumination without the stark brightness of conventional lamps. It also sets the perfect mood for movie nights, infusing the room with a cozy warmth that screens alone can't achieve. Additionally, with the rising sustainability trend, many men are making conscious choices in their home decor. Like those from Meet Haus, Soy candles are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin candles, boasting a cleaner burn and significantly longer burn time. Compared to other decorative items and mood-setting options, candles, particularly soy-based ones, deliver unmatched ambiance at a fraction of the cost, making them a smart and stylish addition to any modern man's abode.

Tips for Incorporating Candles in Men's Spaces:  

Getting started? Here's a concise guide:

  1. Size & Scent: Consider the room size. Larger spaces benefit from robust fragrances like sandalwood, while smaller areas could do with lighter notes.
  2. Safety First: Ensure your candles are on stable surfaces, away from flammable materials. If you have young ones, keep them out of reach.
  3. Maintenance: To get the most out of your Meet Haus candle, trim the wick before each burn, ensuring an even melt pool, preventing tunneling, and maximizing scent throw.

See also our article: Natural Candle Care 101: Ensuring Your Meet Haus Candle Burns Beautifully Every Time.


The modern narrative of masculinity has expanded, with it, the acceptability of embracing beautiful sensory experiences. Candles, especially those curated with care like Meet Haus's offerings, are no longer just decor. They are an expression, a sentiment, a story. Dive into this narrative; let it redefine your space and, perhaps, a facet of your masculinity.

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