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A Guide to the Essential Oils in Meet Haus Candles

In the realm of natural ambiance, candles infused with essential oils play a pivotal role. These oils, nature's aromatic jewels, offer more than just fragrance—they encapsulate an experience. At Meet Haus, our dedication to an authentic sensory is important to us. We meticulously select each essential oil, ensuring our candles elevate your mood and transport you to nature's embrace.

The Role of Essential Oils in Candles

Understanding their significance is key before diving into the exquisite essential oils that grace our candles. Unlike synthetic fragrances, which merely imitate scents, essential oils harbor the soul of the plants they extract from. When used in candles, they release a genuine, therapeutic aroma that can heal, invigorate, and relax.

Cedarwood: The Forest's Foundation

Hailing from majestic trees, cedarwood essential oil carries the whispers of ancient forests. With roots in traditional medicine, this oil is renowned for its calming and grounding properties. When lit in a Meet Haus candle, the woodsy aroma takes center stage, conjuring images of serene forest glades.

Vetiver: Earthy and Enigmatic

Originating from the intricate roots of the vetiver plant, this essential oil boasts a profound depth. Known for its soothing and stress-relieving properties, vetiver's scent is earthy and mysterious. In our candles, it intertwines seamlessly with other notes, creating a layered and luxurious fragrance.

Elemi: Nature's Hidden Gem

Elemi, often overlooked in the essential oil repertoire, is a treasured inclusion in our candles. With a history spanning ancient Egyptian rituals, elemi oil is praised for its emotionally balancing properties. Its refreshing aroma adds a unique twist to Meet Haus's candle range, imbuing them with exotic allure.

Pine: Breathe the Mountain Air

There's something invigorating about the scent of pine—crisp, clean, and utterly refreshing. Derived from the needles of pine trees, this essential oil offers a slice of alpine magic. With every Meet Haus candle infused with pine, you're invited to take a deep breath and journey through mountainous terrains.

Clove Leaf: A Spiced Elixir

The rich, spicy aroma of clove leaf essential oil harks back to traditional remedies and age-old customs. Its inherent warming properties lend a comforting embrace to any space. In our candles, clove leaf adds a touch of aromatic warmth, perfect for cozy evenings.

Patchouli: Beyond the Hippie Stigma

Once solely associated with bohemian lifestyles, patchouli has transcended its stereotypical bounds. This deep, musky aroma resonates with many due to its mood-enhancing capabilities. When infused with Meet Haus candles, patchouli offers depth, grounding each scent in its earthy embrace.

Eucalyptus: The Breath of Freshness

Eucalyptus essential oil is a revitalizing force of nature. Extracted from the eucalyptus tree, it's renowned for its refreshing properties. Each Meet Haus candle graced with eucalyptus promises a rejuvenating aroma, turning your space into a sanctuary of freshness.

Birch Tar: The Scent of Wilderness

Birch tar essential oil's smoky, leather-like scent is reminiscent of wild terrains and untamed woods. It's an unlikely but exceptional candle ingredient that is valued for its skin-soothing properties. Our Meet Haus range adds an element of rustic charm reminiscent of nights by a campfire.

Every Meet Haus candle is a symphony of natural aromas crafted meticulously with selected essential oils. More than just an olfactory delight, they offer a holistic experience—connecting you with nature, evoking memories, and soothing your soul.

Meet Haus Candles

Immerse yourself in nature's embrace. Explore the Meet Haus range today and find your perfect essential oil blend. Let the journey of sensory delight begin!


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